by Fernando Riscado Cordas

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There are 6 time options a week, 38 weeks a year

Pluck the Day - Pluk de Dag - Carpe Diem

Horace, 65 - 8 BC
Carpe diem, as in: 'make most of your day'

by Fernando Riscado Cordas

The driving force behind your guitar playing

Online Group Sessions
Technique & Warming-up

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Monday - Wednesday - Friday
7:30 & 8:30 am (c.e.t.)

Gain a daily sense of achievement

Feel connected to a group

Feel warmed up all the time

Prevent injuries

Boost your motivation & playing level

Let your technique work for you

Get the most out of your guitar lessons

Invest in the core of your guitar technique

Benefit from regularity in your practising

Let's join hands and:


by Fernando Riscado Cordas

Joining Pluck The Day will bring you:

Well structured routines that cover the most important guitar techniques

Access to the 'PTD members area' with video's, intelligent exercise analysis and other exclusive content

Technique and Warm-up routines, designed and combined under supervision of a physiotherapist

Exercises which are adjustable to your own level (intermediate & advanced)

A fun and educational group experience that boosts your guitar playing three times a week

38 weeks a year
3 days a week
two time slots: 7:30 am - 8:15 am & 8:30 am - 9:15 am (Central European Time)
Automatic payments (every 1st of the month), not in July and August

Important notice:

It's OK to take part in only the sessions that fit your agenda. The more the better of course, but there are enough options

Introduction offer:

Try out a week for FREE!


1-Scroll down for the exercises currently in use
2-Send me an e-mail or an app to acquire the Teams link
3-Enter 5 minutes before the session starts
4-Mute your sound during sessions 


Until age 21: €20,- a month

Age 21 and older: €25,- a month

10 months a year

10 months a year

Always 1 week free trial

by Fernando Riscado Cordas

Current exercises:

Exercises vary over time.
If you need help figuring out these exercises, just send me a message and I will do my best to help you!
During the sessions you can always choose a tempo that suits you; just keep your sound muted.🙉
Note to tab-readers: In order to make full use of the exercises study the fingering as indicated in the top staff.

A maj. scale

A min. scale
















Giuliani opus 1a

Scale Patterns


Note to tab readers: There is no copyright free version of Giuliani's Opus 1a.

by Fernando Riscado Cordas